In late 2014 Benjamin Pinnock & Liam Blunden formed a creative group  one that would give everybody, from every walk of life the chance to create and exhibit a piece of work with complete creative freedom. As the group was funded with personal savings, a student loan and income from a part time job, there was nobody to answer to. The group was named The 21 Pirates.  

The 21 Pirates have gone from strength to strength since it was created. After the first show held at Mac Birmingham in 2015 several more exhibitions have been held. Companies within the gaming world have also been involved, using the pirates artwork for promotional purposes, for example; promoting street fighter 30th anniversary collection with Capcom and BlazBlue: cross tag battle with PQUBE

As of now The 21 Pirates (which has a lot more members than 21 now) has been all over the UK and have been in Hong Kong with SHAPE (Hong Kong Design Institute) recruiting talented individuals and guest lecturing.


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