The 21 Pirates event for 2021 is an online exhibition experience based on the themes of  Film, Comics and Video Game crossover artwork. The 21 Pirates exhibition provides a great means for established and beginner artists to display their work on view for the public.



Winners for 'Best Artwork for our online exhibition.

1st Place : Huion Kamvas 13 Graphic Drawing Tablet

Alys Hutchinson

2nd Place : HUION Inspiroy Dial Q620M Graphics Drawing Tablet

Tatiana Fernandes

3rd Place : VEIKK VK640 Graphics Drawing Tablet & Pen

Ashleigh Carter


As you know, the current pandemic has brought many social events to a standstill in the year 2020 and put a halt to our live show, which was meant to take place at Millennium Point, Birmingham where the main attraction was one half of a giant life-size pirate ship made solely out of cardboard and wood which was the main feature of the exhibition.

The ship is still in development and is currently being built by the amazing team at Fablab run by Anne Scrimshaw and team  

You can find a link on the events page that can be also viewed in VR, and as such we are putting together the first 21Pirates online exhibition celebrating our love for pop culture in movies, video games and comics.



We asked four talented artists to create a new track using familiar sounds that we know best in film, video-games, and comics to create something new!


The 21 Pirates works with many organisations and educational establishments, to create a place for artists and like-minded individuals to network and engage with audiences.
We’d like to take a moment to look at the hard work and creativity that the community has done in collaboration with The 21 Pirates.   


As a thank you to those who have taken part in this year’s exhibition, we have decided to give everyone a little gift.

Created by Dave Perry from KiteBashBox


We work together with a multitude of Organisations and Educational establishments, large and small, to create a place for Artists, Like- Minded individuals and Companies to network and engage with audiences. This years Online Exhibition is supported by the following organisations:

This years exhibition is supported by the companies above

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