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Is a Birmingham-based Illustrator and Graphic Designer. In the last few years, he has honed his abilities in digital and practical art. This includes Horror movie posters, custom-painted clothing and portraits. He is practising in animation, graffiti, practical and visual fx. Also an advocate for artists with mental and developmental disorders, he hosts workshops to help boost people's confidence in their skills.

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• What is your preferred medium?

I've tried many different mediums, so my answer will change each year. If I don't gravitate to it immediately, then I'll leave it to gather dust. Ironically, digital illustration using Procreate took me forever to learn and it's my current favourite method. 

• What is your creative process like?

A lot of procrastination, panic and pacing. Eventually, something will come to mind. If I'm doing a commission, it is really important for me to communicate with the client and a strict deadline is necessary.

• What inspires you to create art?


It's the one thing I'm passionate about. I enjoy seeing my progression. I also get a kick out of problem-solving.

• How long will a project take to complete?

It depends on who I'm working with. If it's for myself, I try to complete my own work within a day. If it is a commission, I need at least 3 weeks... this leaves time for communication and amendments.























• What’s your favorite artwork, and why?

Graham Humphreys (Is the one of the top Horror illustrators) is my number 1 illustrator. His style resonates with me and I can spot his work from a mile away. When I first attempted to paint, I used his method all the time. I'm thankful that I've shaken his hand and spoken to him a few times in the last few years.

• What’s been the most surprising thing about being an artist?

The most surprising thing happened last week when someone who attended one of my workshops told me that I inspired them. This meant a great deal to me.



















• What’s your art background?

I've always sketched and doodled since I picked up a pencil. I took my art seriously around 2013, when I started using Instagram and saw that people made careers out of horror-themed artwork... I said to myself "I can do that too".

• How did you get into art?

My Cousin was an amazing artist and graphic designer. I used to study him while he drew and painted. I used to copy his hand gestures and not even know what I was doing. All of this helped prepare me for my career.



















• What are your biggest motivations?

The push to create and the need to feel useful.

• What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve created?

The toughest challenge I've faced is the two different times my work was sabotaged. It motivated me to not give up, but HOLY COW, it was painful to look at my destroyed work. 

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